Digital Art to Feed Aussies in Need?

Yes, we are a charity Building Farms to Feed Aussies in Need. One of the ways we fund our farms is through Digital Art.

Each Farm has its on limited number of NFT's or Non Fungible Tokens as Digital Art which funds the set up and operations of each farm to create up to 40,000 meals per farm per year. Based on 1 acre.

  • Brenna Quinlan

    Brenna Quinlan has created our first series of 4 Digital Art images to represent each farm at

    Loganlea - Samford - Wamuran and Coolum.

    As part of our Artist Justice Program we have paid Brenna for the commission and exclusive use of these images and in addition we will pay Brenna $1 for each piece of Digital Art sold.

    We value our Australian Artists and make sure that they get the funds that they deserve.

  • Support our farms

    Our Digital Art NFT's are a fundraiser to fund each of our farms and are strictly limited to 10,000 units of each.

    All funds raised go to us The Mini Farm Project to fund our farms.

  • Solving food insecurity

    Why are we doing this?

    Because right now 1 in 5 Australian households is going hungry each day.

    People are skipping meals or going whole days without eating.

    There is not enough food in the system to feed everyone in need and Charities are struggling to get food.

    We have a model that works and we plan to grow the food to fill this massive shortfall.

    YOU can help make a real difference and be part of the Mini Farm Legacy for ever with your NFT.

  • Polygon Network

    Our NFTS are on the Polygon Blockchain Network.

    You will receive an email in the next 48 hours on how to claim your NFT from our store.

    Make sure you check your junk mail for the email.

    We will host regular NFT and how to claim online sessions.

    Join our social media to find our more.

    Because we are based in Australia, Shopify only allows Paypal as a payment option. You can pay using your account or card as a guest.

    Our NFTs are a great way to embrace the coming Digital Age. Yes it's still new but we need to be innovative to help feed people in need.

    Thank you for your support and patience.

    And Yes, you can keep your NFT on our store until you are ready to claim it and move it to your NFT wallet.

    The email you receive will explain everything.

We are The Mini Farm Project

Want to know more about us?

Follow the link below or visit our social pages to find out more about The Mini Farm Project, the work we do and how your support is making a difference.

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